There are Lot’s of studies on Essential oils and their effects going on all the time, I recently came across a blog that is written by a pharmacist that wrote a negative post stating that Essential oils have no health benefits and he had links to a handful of studies where the Essential oil that was tested did not have much of an effect on whatever they were testing it for, I got curious and followed his links and did my own research and there were lots of studies to support the effects of Essential Oils so I thought that I when I came across them I would blog them for anyone that is interested.

This Study was done using Geranium Essential Oil, also a warning this study was done using mice (I do not necessarily agree with animal testing but I do the support the effects of Essential oils so I wanted to post the study that was made).


Antioxidant properties of Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens L’Her) Essential oil on the reproductive damage induced by Deltamethrin (pesticide used in pest control) in mice as compared to Alpha-Tocopherol (A form of Vitamin E).

Exposure to the Pyrethroid pesticide Deltamethrin has been demonstrated to exert a wide range of effects on non-targeted organisms. The beneficial effects of Geranium essential oil (EO) as an antioxidant has been assessed in Deltamethrin (DL) orally administered mice by studying whether the reprotoxicity caused by Deltamethrin can be effectively combated with the Geranium oil and the effects were compared to vitamin E, as the standard reference drug.

Result: Sixty male albino mice were divided into six equal groups: a control group, a group of mice was given Deltamethrin (5 mg/kg b.w.), two groups were administered Deltamethrin after having given Geranium essential oil (67 mg/kg b.w.) or vitamin E (Vit E) (100 mg/kg b.w.), and two groups received only EO of geranium or Vit E.When compared to control, a dose of Deltamethrin 5 mg/kg/day causes a decrease in the epididymal sperm count motility and viability and an increase in the number of abnormal morphology in spermatozoa. DL-exposed mice showed a significant increase of lipid peroxidation (LPP) in the testis compared to control animals. Conclusion: Essential oil of Geranium prevented testicular oxidative damage explored by reduced LPP and improved total sperm motility, viability and morphology in mice spermatozoa.Our study showed a positive influence of Geranium essential oil in the animal male reproductive system similar than that of Vit E.

Author: Ahlem Ben SlimaManel Ben AliMohamed BarkallahAl Ibrahim TraoreTahia BoudawaraNoureddine AlloucheRadhouane GdouraCredits/Source: Lipids in Health and Disease 2013, 12:30
Copyright by the authors listed above – made available via BioMedCentral (Open Access).

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