Behind The Scenes

Hello there, I am Naomi, the woman behind Lushy Boutique, i create all of Lushy Boutique’s products.

Lushy Boutique’s products are made from 100% natural ingredients. Each ingredient is carefully researched and put together to bring you high quality Aromatherapy products that you can use instead of shop brought cosmetics that contain harsh chemicals.


Lushy Lip Balms

Aromatherapy products have a shorter shelf life than shop brought products therefore all of my products are made to order, this means that when you place a order through the shop i will then put together the products you have ordered and ship them straight out to you. Lushy Boutique is based in London UK but we ship worldwide.


During 2013 i will be launching several collections throughout the year to coinside with the seasonal months. The first collection will be the Spring Collection which will be floral based pampering products, i am very excited about the wonderfull oils and smells that you all wil be experiencing.

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